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Guitar Mule and Sabicas

The 60’s were a lucky years for me. I was living in Marin County California, and working in San Francisco … enjoying myself and learning to play guitar. It so happened that I found myself as business manager for some Spanish flamenco artists and also I was becoming immersed in their magical art form.

Sundays were a special time at my home, as most of the ‘flamenco’s’ were off and would bring their families for pot luck and a romp for the kids. It was a noisy happy time and has stayed in my memory for fifty years. Singers, dancers and of course, guitarristas and their families were flashing their skills in impromptu fashion … how exciting! The singing, clapping, dancing and guitar music would burst at any moment.

On one occasion, guitarists Sabicas, Adonis Puertas and Juan Serrano were all visiting at the same time. Sabicas, recognized as #1 in the world by most, was in San Francisco briefly to play a concert. As we were sipping red wine, comparing guitars, opinions of artists, and stories, Sabicas talked of his early years learning guitar as a youngster, in Spain. He told us of a device that he had been given that allowed him more ‘string’ time, even away from his guitar. He claimed it helped, as he perfected his prodigious talent.

In his somber way of talking accompanied by many gestures with those magnificent hands, he described a small piece of wood with guitar strings affixed, that he could hold with his left hand while, picking, strumming, picado, practice arpeggios, tremolos, almost every right hand technique. When he was finished, he could stick it in his pocket while he played soccer.

I made several attempts to fabricate a similar device and finally showed an example to a friend of Sabicas, Evaristo Gonzales, then manager of Juan Serrano and who had known Sabicas for many years. “That is IT” he said. “That is exactly what Sabicas was talking about.”

So, after many years, I accidentally came across my little device and showed it to some friends. They liked it and everyone wanted one, so I guessed that perhaps it could be useful to others. I called it a ‘Guitar Mule’. If you get one I hope that it will fulfill it’s purpose, to help you to be able to play like Sabicas. Ha!

Sam Haycraft

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